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USAID utilizes various acquisition and assistance instruments to implement its activities. Contracts, grants, cooperative agreements and purchase orders are some of the instruments which are negotiated and signed by USAID West Bank/Gaza. These mechanisms provide a variety of commodities and technical assistance to support the Mission's objectives.  If your organization is interested in partnering with USAID West Bank/Gaza, please visit for assistance funding opportunities and for acquisitions.

Contractor and Grantee Notices

The Contractor and Grantee Notices below provide updates and general information regarding changes in policy, security and other directives that are issued by the Contracting Officer or Mission Director. If you cannot access or open the notices below, please contact your Agreement Officer's Representative (AOR) or Contracting Officer's Representative (COR).

List of available active Contractor and Grantee Notices:

2016-WBG-08  Change in Agency Policy on Vetting of Key Individuals 25-MAR-2016
2016-WBG-07 Development Experience Clearinghouse (DEC) - Document Submission 14-MAR-2016
2015-WBG-05 Revised Logistics Procedures in Gaza- Submission of Request to Import Into Gaza - Gaza Reconstruction Materials Monitoring System (GRAMMS) 17-SEPT-2015
2015-WBG-04 Changes in Country Clearance Approval and Travel to Gaza 10-SEPT-2015
2015-WBG-01 Implementing Partner Notices (IPN) - Paperless Voucher System  10-NOV-2014
2014-WBG-04 Implementing Partner Notices (IPN) - Portals for A&A Awards 6-NOV-2014
2011-WBG-13 Israeli VAT refunds 3-Aug-11
2011-WBG-10 Local Salary Scale for the West Bank and Jerusalem 8-Mar-11
2011-WBG-01 Zero Value Added Tax (VAT) for USAID projects in Gaza 15-Oct-10
2010-WBG-10 Reminder of Compliance Policies and Procedures 9-Jun-10
2010-WBG-09 Reminder - Steps to take when a USAID-funded US-bound Exchange Visitor becomes a 'no-show' or 'non-returnee' 25-May-10
2010-WBG-07 Mandatory Special Provision "Prohibition Against Cash Assistance to the Palestinian Authority" 7-Jan-10
2010-WBG-06 Change of USAID's Official Mailing Address 30-Dec-09
2010-WBG-04 Audits and Records 2-Dec-09
2009-WBG-12 Coordination with COGAT on erecting structures in the West Bank (Areas A, B and C) and importing materials that could be used in construction, repair and rehabilitation 21-Sep-09
2009-WBG-10 National Islamic Bank of Gaza 11-Jun-09
2008-WBG-05 USAID ID Cards: New Email Account 22-May-08
2008-WBG-04 Reporting of Foreign Taxes 21-Feb-08
2007-WBG-26 Updated Anti-Terrorism Procedures, Update to Mission Order #21 5-Oct-07
2007-WBG-22 Prohibition on Direct Assistance to the Palestinian Authority 11-Jul-07
2007-WBG-21 Assistance for the Palestinian Authority 9-Jul-07
2007-WBG-19 Waivers in Acquisition and Assistance under Mission Awards 25-Jun-07
2006-WBG-09 Standards for Grant Worthiness and Responsibility Determination for Sub-awards 15-Feb-06
2005-WBG-01 Dealings with Third Parties 1-Dec-04

Audit Matters

Document Format
USAID West Bank and Gaza Partner Contracted Audit Guidelines MS Word, 34kB
ATTACHMENT 1 - USAID/WBG Partner Contracted Audit Process (Ms Word) MS Word, 35kB
ATTACHMENT 2 - List of RIG/C-Approved Audit Firms MS Excel, 32kB
ATTACHMENT 3 - USAID/WBG Audit Scope of Work MS Excel, 39kB
ATTACHMENT 4 - Funds Accountability Statement SO MS Word, 78kB
ATTACHMENT 5 - Costs Representation Statement SOW MS Word, 63kB
ATTACHMENT 6 - Examination of Compliance SOW MS Word, 48kB
ATTACHMENT 7 - Definitions and Examples of Locally incurred Costs MS Word, 29kB
ATTACHMENT 8 - PCA Workshop Power Point Presentation MS PowerPoint, 2MB
A - Sample RFP Cover Letter MS Word, 56kB
B - Sample Technical Guidance for TEC Members MS Word, 66kB
C - Evaluation Criteria of Audit Firms MS Word, 33kB
D - Sample Technical Evaluation Committee Memo MS Word, 52kB
E - Sample Rejection Letter MS Word, 30kB
F - Sample Audit Contract MS Word, 27kB
G - Sample Engagement Letter MS Word, 44kB
H - Sample Management Representation Letter MS Word, 54kB
I - Sample Management Letter MS Word, 99kB
J - Guidance to Entrance Conference MS Word, 55kB
K - Audit Guidance MS Word, 64kB
L - Sample of Recommendation Letter MS Word, 40kB
ATTACHMENT 9 - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions on USAID PCA Program MS Word, 33kB


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