2015-WBG-05: Revised Logistics Procedures in Gaza- Submission of Request to Import Into Gaza - Gaza Reconstruction Materials Monitoring System (GRAMMS)

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September 17, 2015

To: All USAID/West Bank and Gaza Contractors, Grantees and Recipients
Subject: Revised Logistics Procedures in Gaza- Submission of Request to Import into Gaza- Gaza Reconstruction Materials Monitoring System (GRAMMS).

Dear Implementing Partners,

This notice is to inform you of a change in practices for securing approvals to import goods, materials, and equipment into Gaza, as well as procure materials within Gaza. Beginning October 1, 2015, USAID Implementing Partners will be required to use the Gaza Reconstruction Materials Monitoring System (GRAMMS) to submit to the Coordination and Liaison Administration (CLA) for Gaza requests to import approved goods, material and equipment into Gaza or procure materials from approved vendors within Gaza. GRAMMS must also be used to track the use of materials and equipment on site.

Specifically, partners will be required to designate a Project Manager, who will be responsible for coordinating submissions and requests to the Palestinian Minish·y of Civil Affairs (MoCA) and the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Te1Titories (COGAT) through the GRAMMS system. The Project Manager will be provided access to the project implementation page on GRAMMS to make these submissions and will be able to confirm project stage details, note when project stages have commenced, modify stage dates and request additional materials using the process below.

Project Managers must be approved by both MoCA and COGA T. Partners should identify a Project Manager when submitting their Project Approval application to MoCA (gramms.ps@gmail.com) who will coordinate with COGAT to obtain this clearance. For partners who have already submitted their projects for consideration by MoCA and COGAT, or whose projects have already been fully confirmed, please submit an updated version of your Project Approval application with a designated Project Manager to MoCA.

Requests to bring goods, material and equipment into Gaza should be submitted a minimum of two days prior to the requested date of entry. If approved, confirmation can be expected within one day of receipt by COGAT. Requests to bring goods, material and equipment into Gaza, or procure goods from approved vendors within Gaza, should only be submitted after projects have been fully approved by the Government of Israel (GOI).* Once goods are approved to enter Gaza via Kerem Shalom, they will automatically be deducted from the project's quota, which is maintained on GRAMMS. Therefore, if goods are not received as planned, the Project Manager should file a complaint with COGAT. Project Managers must report weekly on the goods received in Gaza. Reports should be sent to the PSU at psupermit@ usaid.gov who will forward them to COGAT.

Only cleared GRM contractors will be permitted to move materials directly from Kerem Shalom to their warehouse or project sites. The contractors designated to move goods, materials and equipment should be identified and cleared within the GRAMMS system in the same manner as the Project Coordinator by submitting the Project Template to MoCA (gramms.ps@gmail.com). A list of currently cleared contractors can be found at http://grm.report/#N endors. USAID/ West Bank and Gaza's Program Support Unit will continue to coordinate all donations for USAID projects in Gaza as detailed in the attached "Procedures for Permits, Visas, and Customs Clearance."

Any questions regarding this notice should be directed to either Fouad Salman or Rona Younis at psu-permit@usaid.gov or Comtney Taylor at cotaylor@usaid.gov. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Friday, December 1, 2017 - 10:00am