ATTACHMENT 8 F - Sample Audit Contract

Speeches Shim

[Partner’s Letterhead]

Note: The audit firm’s engagement letter can serve as the audit contract (i.e., in lieu of the audit contract) if, and only if, it contains all of the necessary information and required terms and clauses as set below in this sample document.


Contract No:               [insert number] for the period [insert month, date and year] to [insert month, date and year]

Between:                     [insert name of auditor, and address]

                                    On the other hand

And                             [insert name of partner, and address]

Description of Services:          [insert title as stated in audit notification letter]

 Contract Price:                       [insert contract price]

Currency of Payment:             [insert currency]

Period/Place of Delivery:        [insert calender days, effective date and place of audit]

Issuing Country 
Tuesday, May 16, 2017 - 2:30pm