2007-WBG-26: Updated Anti-Terrorism Procedures, Update to Mission Order #21

Speeches Shim

October 5, 2007

TO: All USAID/West Bank and Gaza Contractors, Grantees and Recipients
SUBJECT: Updated Anti-Terrorism Procedures, Update to Mission Order #21

The purpose of this Notice is to advise you of the issuance of a revised Mission Order #21 that updates the Mission's procedures for ensuring that USAID-funded assistance does not inadvertently provide support to entities or individuals associated with terrorism. The revised Mission Order #21 is attached to this Notice. It was approved by the Mission Director on October 3,2007, and is effective as of that date.

Also attached is a memo from the Mission's Legal Advisor outlining major changes from the original Mission Order #21. The Mission's last comprehensive written guidance on this topic was Contractor and Grantee Notice No. 2006-WBG- 13, "Updated Antiterrorism Procedures" issued on March 13,2006.

Furthermore, in response to audits on the Mission's vetting procedures, please note that references to "contracts" and "grants and cooperative agreements" in Mission Order #21 refer to any instrument that acts as a contract, grant or cooperative agreement, regardless of the form of the instrument or the name it is given. For example, any instrument that acts as a contract, whether it is called a purchase order, consulting agreement, letter agreement, lease agreement, memorandum of understanding or some other form, is still a contract for all purposes under the Mission Order. The same principal holds true for assistance instruments.

We plan to hold a question and answer session with implementing partners on the revised Mission Order #21 and will notify you of the date and time of that session as soon as it becomes available. In preparation for it, please do not hesitate to forward any specific questions and comments on the revised Mission Order #21 or this Notice to Soni Hysi at shysi@,usaid.gov.

Friday, October 5, 2007 - 7:30am