2016-WBG-08: Change in Agency Policy on Vetting of Key Individuals

Speeches Shim

To: All USAID/West Bank and Gaza Contractors, Grantees and Recipients
Subject: Implementing Partner Notice - Change in Agency Policy on Vetting of Key Individuals

Dear Implementing Partners,

The purpose of this notice is to inform you of a change in USAID agency-wide policy vetting procedures. Previously when there was a change in a "key individual"1 of a non-US organization that had been vetted, only the new individual required vetting. Going forward, whenever there is a change in a "key individual" of a non-US organization that has been vetted per Mission Order 21, not only will the new key individual need to be vetted, but the organization and all other "key individuals" will also need to be re-vetted at the same time.

Accordingly, following a change or addition to an organization's "key individuals", Prime Contractors and Grantees are required to submit a new Partner Information Form (PIF) via the Paitner Vetting System (PVS) portal identifying the affected awmd and detailing the organization and all current "key individuals." In the PIF field labeled Purpose of the Award "change of key individuals" should be noted. Ongoing awards can continue during the vetting process until a new eligibility notice is obtained, unless otherwise directed by the Mission. Please note that the organization will continue to be eligible for this specific award for the shorter of three years (from the date of the award) or the life of the award. However, re-vetting will provide an additional 12 months in which the award may be amended or additional awmd made to the organization without requiring vetting.

Friday, December 1, 2017 - 9:45am