2015-WBG-01: Paperless Voucher System

Speeches Shim

To: All USAID/West Bank and Gaza Contractors, Grantees and Recipients
Subject: Implementing Partner Notice - Paperless Voucher System

Dear Implementing Paiiners,

The purpose of this notice is to inform you that the USAID/West Bank and Gaza Mission has implemented a new paperless voucher system effective immediately. All vouchers/invoices will be processed for approval and payment electronically.

Accordingly, Contractors and Grantees are no longer required to send hard copy vouchers/invoices to the Mission, but rather are now being directed to submit all vouchers/invoices electronically to wbgvouchers@usaid.gov, preferably in Adobe PDF format as one document. If you are not already submitting vouchers/invoices electronically, please contact your CO/ AO so that USAID can work with you to modify your process to institute electronic submissions.

To accommodate this change, the Mission will be modifying your award, as necessaiy You may direct any questions regarding this Notice to the respective CO/ AO for your award. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Monday, November 10, 2014 - 10:00am