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Expanding acceptance of a pluralistic civic identity based on common values, while prioritizing programming that promotes unity, inclusion, and democratic reform.


The U.S. Government’s strategy for stability in Europe includes countering Russia’s destabilizing measures that corrode democratic institutions and governments. Since 2014, USAID/OTI has  supported the country’s transformation to a modern, democratic country and to bolster its resistance to Russia's efforts to undermine that transition. USAID/OTI  demonstrates the value of reforms at the local level in key geographical regions that are vulnerable to the Kremlin’s disinformation and destabilization, and by supporting fact-based media, which provides alternative narratives on national unity and the country’s ongoing transformation.


USAID/OTI partners with Ukrainians to expand acceptance of a pluralistic civic identity based on common values by supporting actors that promote unity, inclusion, and democratic reform. By empowering moderate actors and voices, USAID/OTI helps to counter the destabilizing influences caused by malign actors. USAID/OTI also fosters positive attitudes and promotes cross-contact line connections to lay the groundwork for the eventual reintegration of Donbas and Crimea. The program’s three objectives are to:

  • Build acceptance of a diverse Ukraine;
  • Increase confidence in positive, democratic change; and
  • Increase media narratives about unity and positive change.


  • USAID/OTI works with government, civil society, and broadcasters to create popular programs to reduce stereotypes and negative narratives about Donbas residents. Civil society uses these themes to advocate for improved policies toward Donbas, and to promote national narratives about eastern Ukraine, which has markedly shifted toward peace and reintegration in the past two years.  

  • USAID/OTI partners with local groups to promote civic engagement. For example, USAID/OTI supports the expansion of the “Building Ukraine Together” initiative, which gathers Ukrainians from different oblasts to collaborate on volunteer projects and reinforce the idea of a united Ukraine. An external evaluation of this initiative found that USAID/OTI’s work contributed to an identity shift and increased tolerance for western-leaning attitudes over the past three years.

  • USAID/OTI supports local civil society groups and regional governments to promote stability and highlight reforms at the local level to build confidence in Ukraine’s democratic future in the Sea of Azov region. The region remains  vulnerable to Kremlin aggression and disinformation campaigns. Along Kherson’s contact line with Crimea, USAID/OTI supported Administrative Service Centers to improve delivery of government services, especially for residents of Crimea receiving services in Ukraine, further illustrating tangible dividends of the reform process.

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