Transforming USAID's Processes

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USAID’s processes will be field-driven, outcome-focused and data-informed, supporting national security priorities and using clear and objective metrics to assess each host country partner’s journey to self-reliance.

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  • USAID will integrate self-reliance concepts — including the self-reliance metrics — into USAID’s planning processes, program practices, personnel incentives, partnership approaches, policies and strategies. By truly supporting partner country self-reliance, our aim is to ultimately create enduring diplomatic, economic and security partners.
  • USAID will increase communication, coordination, and collaboration with the Department of Defense, improve our preventing violent extremism programming, and strengthen our capability to operate in non-permissive environments.
  • USAID will maximize every taxpayer dollar, ensuring assistance is delivered effectively and efficiently, with clear and transparent processes — both in Washington and in the field.
  • USAID Washington’s new structure will put in place systems and processes to effectively support field-based programming.

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