USAID’s Policy Framework

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The purpose of our foreign assistance is to one day end the need for it to exist. Growing freedom, peace, and prosperity globally shows that this ambitious vision is possible, but it requires a new, more strategic approach. We must measure our work by how much closer each of our investments brings us to the day that assistance programs can end.


USAID defines self-reliance as the capacity to plan, finance, and implement solutions to local development challenges, and a commitment to see these through effectively, inclusively, and with accountability. This definition reflects both the evidence USAID has gathered in its over 50 years of development and humanitarian assistance programming, and the values that underpin our work.


The Policy Framework reorients our work around self-reliance, by ensuring that we foster capacity and commitment in partner countries across all levels—individuals, communities, and governing institutions—so that they can eventually solve development challenges without USAID assistance. This approach is grounded in three principles: USAID will (1) prioritize countrywide progress toward self-reliance, by (2) making strategic investments to achieve the greatest impact, through (3) programs and partnerships that sustain results over the long term. USAID’s new approach to fostering self-reliance recognizes that progress is not always linear, and USAID will remain committed to stand with partners should disaster strike -- projecting U.S. leadership, and expressing our values of generosity and compassion.


The Policy Framework institutionalizes the core objectives of USAID’s Transformation: a vision-driven, employee-led and consultation-based effort that aims to strengthen the Agency, achieve greater development outcomes and end the need for foreign assistance. Understanding the changing nature of development, Transformation positions USAID’s processes, programs, workforce and structure not only for today, but for tomorrow as well. As articulated in the Policy Framework, USAID will enable its people to lead, ensure coherence in policy and practice, and align budget and policy priorities. To learn more about USAID’s Transformation, visit the Transformation at USAID page.


Shows the USAID flow of USAID Mission to Transformation. "Mission: Ending the Need for Foreign Assistance; Vision: The Journey to Self-Reliance; USAID's Approach: Advance Country Progress, Invest for Impact, Sustain Results; USAID's Transformation: Enable People to Lead, Ensure Coherence in Policy and Practice, Align Budget and Policy Priorities"