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Women in politics conference
Women in politics conference
NDI North Macedonia


The Republic of North Macedonia has overcome its most severe political crisis since 2001. The 2017 European Commission’s Progress Report on North Macedonia outlines changes in the political atmosphere as open and inclusive, and positive developments on the gradual restoration of checks and balances, strengthening of democracy and rule of law. However, the parliament still needs to increase its oversight and legislative functions, and the executive branch needs assistance with implementing its ambitious reform agenda. USAID’s governance assistance focuses on helping North Macedonia address these concerns and helping the country meet the requirements for NATO and European Union accession.



USAID assistance is strengthening the capacity of parliament to draft legislation, perform oversight and representative functions, and engage with the executive branch, civil society organizations and constituencies. USAID is also providing technical assistance to the State Election Commission (SEC) to improve electoral processes, ensure the accuracy and update of the voter lists, adopt IT solutions to protect voter and electoral data, develop legal mechanisms to address complaints and disputes, and conduct education and outreach. Lastly, USAID is helping political parties improve internal and external communications, constituent outreach and adopt more democratic mechanisms that will allow party members to be better represented/included in the party’s policy platform and recommendation.


USAID is working with the executive branch of the Government of North Macedonia (GOM) to develop and implement good governance practices to implement priority reforms, engage with citizens, coordinate across ministries and with the international donor community, communicate achievements, and deliver basic services to citizens. In FY 2018, USAID is designing an additional activity to help the GOM improve the delivery of basic services and fulfill principal reform commitments by helping selected ministries with strategic planning and capacity building assistance.