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Enhancing Citizen-Responsive Governance

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Enabling young people to become leaders in their communities
Enabling young people to become leaders in their communities
USAID's Civic Engagement Project

North Macedonia has a robust civil society and USAID activities strengthen civil society organizations and their networks, improve civic engagement with the government, and increase the professionalism of independent media. USAID is also supporting initiatives that encourage and empower citizens from across the political spectrum to advocate for and participate in activities that produce tangible results in local communities. USAID supports the production of professional, fact-based, in-depth news reporting, that uses balanced, entertaining, non-partisan content to analyze and present pressing social problems.

To strengthen commitment and build capacity in the executive branch, legislature, and elections, activities facilitate dialogue between government, civil society and the private sector in the identification and implementation of needed reforms. USAID funding supports the watchdog role of civil society on democratic processes. USAID is also strengthening the capacity of parliament to draft legislation, perform oversight and representative functions, and engage with the executive branch, civil society, and constituencies. USAID helps the State Election Commission (SEC) improve electoral processes, install information technology, improve voter lists, and conduct education and outreach. USAID is also assisting the government to develop and implement good governance practices, through consensus, cooperation, and coordination within and between key ministries and between the legislative and executive branches.