Sector Guidance

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A tribal member un Cofan Equador. Photo Thomas J. Müller.

Sector Specific Guidelines

Indigenous Peoples are stewards of a wide range of critical ecosystems and much of the earth’s biological diversity. Their livelihoods and traditional resource management strategies are proven to be sustainable and their traditional knowledge systems can contribute to global health and food security, yet they can also be the most impoverished and disadvantaged members of society. USAID programming should strive to close the development gap in each sector in which USAID works by ensuring that Indigenous Peoples’ rights are respected, their knowledge informs and guides program implementation, and they participate as partners in development. Beside the overarching Social Impact Assessment toolkit, which includes the Inclusive Development Analysis and Consultation Handbook, we have compiled sector-specific information including lessons learned, case studies, and resources. Note that the cross-cutting issues of: land tenure, gender, and conflict management and mitigation, are integrated into the sector guidances below.