COVID-19: Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance Issues and Potential USAID Responses

Speeches Shim

The DRG sector is critical to USAID's COVID-19 response. While the immediate international response is focused on medical and humanitarian assistance, this alone will be insufficient to meet needs. A holistic response is required to protect democratic principles and rights, bolster citizen trust, and ultimately build a more effective and accountable response. Supporting the DRG sector is crucial to USAID's COVID-19 response.

The DRG Center has produced a paper on COVID-19: DRG Issues and Potential USAID Responses to help inform USAID strategies and programming from a DRG perspective. The paper outlines technical issues related to DRG and COVID-19 and details potential sector-specific and cross-sectoral USAID responses, including in the areas of governance, rule of law, human rights, elections and political transitions, inclusion, civil society, and media. 

DRG and COVID-19 Trends and Subsectoral Responses:


Thursday, April 16, 2020 - 11:15am