Sale of Commodities or Transportation Services

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Procurements of commodities to meet immediate disaster response needs and for longer-term reconstruction and rehabilitation are generally conducted competitively through USAID’s Office of Acquisition and Assistance (M/OAA). Solicitations for commodities are typically advertised on the “Federal Business Opportunities” website ( Vendors wishing to compete for the provision of such commodities should monitor the website for new commodity requirements. Once a solicitation is posted, you may contact the cognizant Contracting Officer listed in the solicitation for more information.

Emergency transportation requirements are normally procured competitively through USAID's Office of Acquisition and Assistance, Transportation Branch (M/OAA/T). Vendors wishing to compete for the provision of emergency transportation services may contact M/OAA/T:

Note that M/OAA/T does not arrange transportation for private donations of commodities.

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How You Can Help

The best way to help those affected by disasters is to make a cash donation to reputable relief and charitable organizations working in the disaster zone. 

For more information, contact the Center for International Disaster Information at or 202-821-1999. Visit the following site for a list of organizations responding to Typhoon Haiyan: