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Reach. Cure. Prevent. U.S. Government Global Tuberculosis Strategy

The U.S. Government and the global community share a vision of a world free from tuberculosis (TB), as set forth in the World Health Assembly’s Post-2015 Global TB Strategy.

USAID’s Key Principles
for Global TB Care
  • Know your epidemic – tailor programs to local settings
  • Target high-risk groups
  • Engage all care providers and facilities
  • Strengthen the capacity of local partners
  • Maximize domestic and private sector resources
  • Support Global Fund grant implementation
  • Support strong monitoring and evaluation
  • Match evidence-based science with innovative approaches

To achieve this vision and end all deaths due to TB, the U.S. Government will work with its partners around the world to reach every person with TB, cure those in need of treatment, and prevent the spread of disease and new infections.

The U.S. Government's international TB activities are led by USAID through its bilateral and multilateral programs. As lead for the U.S. Government's response to the global TB epidemic, USAID supports TB programs and health systems in the countries and regions most affected by TB.

USAID is working in 23 countries to improve TB services. These efforts save lives and prevent the spread of TB. By acting in a concerted manner on TB now, we can reduce the potential of drug-resistant TB in the future. During 2015–2019, the U.S. Government will focus its efforts and resources on four key technical areas, which are vital to effectively addressing the global TB epidemic:

Improve Access to High-quality, Patient-centered TB, DR-TB, and TB/HIV Services

The U.S. Government is committed to improving access to high-quality, patient-centered, and affordable diagnostic, treatment, and care services to those affected by TB.
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Prevent TB Transmission and Disease Progression

The U.S. Government supports TB prevention, early and effective diagnosis, and treatment through a range of activities including: increased, targeted screening for active TB; improved infection control; and screening for and treatment of latent TB.
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Strengthen TB Service Delivery Platforms

The U.S. Government is working with country partners to address health system constraints and strengthen TB service delivery platforms.
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Accelerate Research and Innovation

The U.S. Government is supporting the development and uptake of new, more effective tools and approaches for preventing, detecting, and treating TB.
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