U.S. Government Global Nutrition Coordination Plan 2016-2021

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The U.S. Government Global Nutrition Coordination Plan is an interagency effort to strengthen the impact of the many diverse nutrition investments across the U.S. Government through better communication and collaboration and by linking research to program implementation. Through coordination mechanisms, the U.S. Government is working to maximize its support to country-led programs, continue its global leadership and partnerships, and generate, share, and apply knowledge and evidence in the nutrition sector in order to accelerate progress toward shared nutrition goals. At the forefront of the Coordination Plan is the recognition that, as stewards of American investments, U.S. Government agencies must ensure that these investments are used in the most efficient and impactful way possible.

Annual Summary of Interagency Progress

Each year, the Coordination Plan's Technical Working Group provides an update on interagency coordinated activities and progress made through this Coordination Plan. The annual summary reports outline accomplishments and challenges and reflect on how progress achieved may inform priorities for future action.