The Multi-Sectoral Nutrition Strategy Monitoring & Learning Plan

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The Multi-Sectoral Nutrition Strategy Monitoring & Learning (M&L) Plan will track progress of the implementation of the Agency's strategy. Building on existing monitoring and learning systems, the M&L Plan includes an approach and tools to conduct periodic assessments. These assessments, scheduled for 2018, 2022 and 2025, will monitor nutrition outcomes and reach across select countries to examine the effect and utility of a multi-sectoral strategy on nutrition programming and results. After each assessment, findings will be incorporated into action plans to continue and improve implementation of the Agency's Multi-Sectoral Nutrition Strategy. 


Periodic Assessments

Multi-sectoral Nutrition Strategy First Periodic Assessment, 2018

This first periodic assessment of USAID's Multi-sectoral Nutrition Strategy used a forward-looking, participatory process to understand how and to what extent the Strategy is being implemented across the Agency's nutrition focus countries, with an in-depth focus on 11 USAID-supported countries, in order to adapt and strengthen implementation.