Zimbabwe: Nutrition Profile

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A village health worker checks a child's Mid-Upper Arm Circumference USAID in Zimbabwe
  • Zimbabwe

    Flag of Zimbabwe

  • Population

    14.8 Million

  • Pop. Under 5

    2.5 Million

  • % Stunting

    27% Of Children Under 5

  • % Underweight

    8% Of Children Under 5

Photo credit: USAID

Malnutrition in childhood and pregnancy has many adverse consequences for child survival and long-term well-being. It also has far-reaching consequences for human capital, economic productivity, and national development overall. These consequences of malnutrition are a concern for policy makers in Zimbabwe, where around 650,000 children under 5 years (27 percent) suffer from chronic malnutrition (stunting or low height-for-age) and 35 percent of women 15–49 years are overweight or obese, according to the most recent Demographic and Health Survey (DHS).

USAID Programs: Accelerating Progress in Nutrition

As of January 2018, the following USAID programs with a focus on nutrition were active in Zimbabwe.

  • Enhancing Nutrition, Stepping Up Resilience and Enterprise (ENSURE)
  • Amalima
  • Feed the Future Zimbabwe Crop Development Program
  • Feed the Future Zimbabwe Livestock Development Program


For more information, read the Zimbabwe country profile [PDF, 223KB].