Kenya: Nutrition Profile

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Mary started growing tomatoes in 2010 and now operates her own stand at her local market in Homa Bay County.
  • Kenya

    Flag of Kenya

  • Population

    48.5 Million

  • Pop. Under 5

    7 Million

  • % Stunting

    26% Of Children Under 5

  • % Underweight

    11% Of Children Under 5

Photo credit: David Mutua, USAID-KHCP/Fintrac

Malnutrition in childhood and pregnancy has many adverse consequences for child survival and long-term well-being. It also has far-reaching consequences for human capital, economic productivity, and national development overall. The consequences of malnutrition should be a significant concern for policymakers in Kenya, where out of a total under-5 population of 7 million, 1.82 million children (26 percent) are suffering from chronic malnutrition (stunting or low height-for-age). In addition, although malnutrition indicators are improving, it is estimated that from 2010–2030 undernutrition will cost Kenya approximately US$38.3 billion in GDP due to losses in workforce productivity.

USAID Programs: Accelerating Progress in Nutrition

As of January 2018, the following USAID programs with a focus on nutrition were active in Kenya. The U.S. Government selected Kenya as one of 12 Feed the Future target countries for focused investment under the new U.S. Government Global Food Security Strategy.

  • Feed the Future
  • Food for Peace
  • Livestock Market Systems (LMS) Program
  • USAID Kenya Crop and Dairy Market Systems Development Activity
  • Afya Halisi
  • Afya Uzazi
  • Afya Timiza
  • Kenya integrated Water and Sanitation Program (KIWASH)
  • Kenya Resilient Arid Lands Partnership for Integrated Development (Kenya RAPID)
  • Increasing Smallholder Productivity and Profitability (ISPP) Project
  • Maternal Child Survival Program (MCSP)
  • Nutrition Health Program plus (NHPplus)
  • Afya Pwani
  • Kenya Agricultural Value Chain Enterprises (KAVES)
  • Accelerated Value Chain Development Program (AVCD)
  • Afya Jijini


For more information, read the Kenya country profile [PDF, 252KB].