Powering Agriculture Technology Resources

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Powering Agriculture’s on-demand, tailored technical assistance produced many valuable insights into the technology development aspects of designing, piloting, and deploying clean energy solutions for agricultural sectors of developing countries.

  • Case Study

    Clean Energy Agro-Processing

    The challenges and opportunities for small-scale, low-powered agro-processing, drawing on lessons learned from Powering Agriculture innovators and providing recommendations to bring the technology to underserved markets. (PDF 3MB) Read the case study

  • Case Study

    Clean Energy Cold Storage

    Successes and challenges associated with introducing clean energy-powered cold storage equipment into developing communities and provides recommendations for promoting its use in these communities. (PDF 3MB) Read the case study

  • Case Study

    Micro-Grids and Productive Agricultural Uses

    The mutually beneficial relationship between micro-grids and agricultural production, drawing on lessons learned from Powering Agriculture innovators and literature focusing on micro-grids’ use of productive power. (PDF 4MB) Read the case study

  • Report

    The Benefits and Risks of Solar-Powered Irrigation

    How different countries around the world work to create an enabling environment for solar-powered irrigation system technologies while managing the risks and challenges that come with it. (PDF 2MB) Read the report

  • Journal Article

    Increasing Productivity Through Irrigation: Problems and Solutions Implemented in Africa and Asia

    Three major interconnected problems inhibiting increased irrigation in Asia and Africa: lack of access to water, lack of access to energy, and lack of access to finance. (PDF 287K) Read the journal article