Powering Agriculture Gender Resources

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Powering Agriculture’s gender guides focus on integrating gender into the development and deployment of clean energy solutions for agricultural sectors to better serve women—an important, often overlooked market segment.

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    Integrating Gender in the Deployment of Clean Energy Solutions for Agriculture

    The insights contained in this guide will help unlock the potential demand for a clean energy solution among women farmers in particular, who have been under-targeted and underserved. (PDF 439K) Read the guide

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    Gender Responsive Product Development

    This guide describes unique gender consideration strategies for the five stages of the product development process and includes a checklist that will help in designing a process that is gender-responsive. (PDF 1MB) Read the guide

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    Integrating Gender in the Financing of Clean Energy Solutions

    The guide will be helpful in developing a portfolio of appropriate financial products and services to increase the sales of clean energy solution technologies to both female and male clients. (PDF 670K) Read the guide

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    Integrating Gender in the Marketing of Clean Energy Solutions to Agricultural Users

    This guide, based on international best practices in gender-responsive marketing, will help in developing a marketing approach that encompasses both female and male users. (PDF 1MB) Read the guide

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    Integrating Gender in Monitoring and Evaluation of Clean Energy Solutions

    This guide outlines why integrating gender into monitoring and evaluation (M&E) makes good commercial sense, and the best practices for integrating gender into the M&E of a clean energy solution. (PDF 2MB) Read the guide

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    Integrating Gender in Human Resource Processes

    This guide aligns with four general human resource lifecycle phases and provides information to be considered when identifying ways in which gender integration can be strengthened in each phase. (PDF 2MB) Read the guide