Powering Agriculture Finance Resources

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Powering Agriculture’s holistic approach included efforts to address critical finance barriers to innovation and scaling, whose findings have been published for use in the clean energy-agriculture nexus.

  • Paper

    Access to Financing for Early-Stage Innovators in the Clean Energy-Agriculture Nexus

    This paper identifies the barriers early-stage innovators face in accessing private capital and follow-up funding and describes the support necessary to prepare companies to obtain capital. (PDF 3MB) Read the paper

  • Case Study

    Navigating the Complexities of End-User Financing with Futurepump

    This case study shares lessons learned from Powering Agriculture innovator Futurepump, and may help future innovators seeking solutions for end-user financing of productive use assets in emerging markets. (PDF 3MB) Read the case study

  • Guide

    A Powering Agriculture Guide on Financing Types for Innovators

    This guide presents an overview of the most common funding options, including grants, debt, and equity, along with a snapshot of emerging alternative forms of financing. (PDF 1MB) Read the guide