Powering Agriculture Resources and Publications

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Powering Agriculture served as a resource hub, sharing knowledge generated through its activities which can be used to stimulate further innovation and continue scaling in the clean energy-agriculture nexus.

  • Final Report

    This final report presents the results achieved through Powering Agriculture’s approach to addressing the significant barriers facing the integration of clean energy technology in agricultural development. (PDF 21MB) Read the report

  • Final Program-Level Summative Evaluation and Innovators’ Assessment

    Powering Agriculture’s final evaluation takes stock of the program’s accomplishments after six years of implementation, and the assessment examines the extent to which the program promoted innovation and delivered impact. (PDF 2MB) Read the evaluation

Program Results

Over its six-year course, Powering Agriculture produced various reports and assessments to document program results and lessons learned through implementation of the Grand Challenge.

Clean Energy in the Agricultural Value Chain

Powering Agriculture Founding Partner GIZ, in partnership with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, produced foundational studies that present approaches to integrating clean energy technologies in agricultural value chains.


Powering Agriculture’s on-demand, tailored technical assistance produced many valuable insights into the technology development aspects of designing, piloting, and deploying clean energy solutions for agricultural sectors of developing countries.


Powering Agriculture’s holistic approach included efforts to address critical finance barriers to innovation and scaling, whose findings have been published for use in the clean energy-agriculture nexus.


Powering Agriculture produced several useful tools for innovators and other clean energy-agriculture nexus stakeholders to understand and overcome policy and regulatory barriers facing clean energy technology solutions for agricultural use.


Powering Agriculture’s gender guides focus on integrating gender into the development and deployment of clean energy solutions for agricultural sectors to better serve women—an important, often overlooked market segment.