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    Paternity Leave ‘Beneficial for Business’ at Indian Power Utility

    USAID’s Engendering Utilities program supported BSES Rajdhani Power Limited (BRPL)—an Indian energy utility—to develop and roll-out a paternity leave policy; the first of its kind for the company. Read the story

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    EDM Increases Women’s Participation in the Power Sector

    USAID’s Engendering Utilities program supports partner Electricidade de Moçambique, a Mozambican power utility, to increase women’s participation in the workforce. Read the story

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    Return on Investment at Tata Power-DDL

    With support from USAID’s Engendering Utilities program, Tata Power-DDL implements women’s leadership and development initiatives that improve company culture and performance. Read the story

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    Moving Gender-Based Violence out of the Shadows

    In recognition of 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, representatives of the Dominican power utility EDESUR discuss efforts to combat GBV in the workplace. Read the story

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    In North Macedonia, the Future is Female

    Nearly forty percent of EVN’s employees are male technicians, many nearing retirement. With a limited national talent pool, the utility began building the next generation of STEM professionals, starting with girls. Read the story

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    Female Perspectives Raise Revenue for Indian Power Utility

    Engendering Utilities program partner utility BSES Rajdhani Power Limited in India deploys female field staff to improve community relations, reduce electricity theft and illegal connections, and increase revenue. Read the story

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    Partnering with Indian Utilities to Deliver Gender Equality

    USAID has partnered with BSES Rajdhani and Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited to strengthen women’s participation in India’s energy sector. Read the story

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    Changemakers in Action: EVN Macedonia Leads by Example

    Alumni of USAID’s Engendering Utilities program created the Women in INdustry conference to amplify lessons learned. Now in its third year, the conference is reshaping industry attitudes about gender equality. Read the story

  • Press Release

    USAID Announces Additional Assistance to Indo-Pacific at Business Forum

    At the Indo-Pacific Business Forum, USAID Deputy Administrator Bonnie Glick announced more than $440 Million in assistance to the region to promote peace, security, local sovereignty, economic growth, citizen-responsive governance, and private investment. Read the story

  • Video

    Ready to Partner: Legal Connections in Majesty Gardens, Jamaica

    USAID is working with Jamaica Public Service (JPS) and the Jamaica Social Investment Fund to bring legal electricity to informal communities. Watch the video

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    Renewable Energy Auctions: Colombia’s Journey

    Colombia joins its Latin American neighbors in utilizing renewable energy auctions to competitively procure electricity at record-low prices. Read the story

  • Medium

    In Her Own Words: Profiles from The Asian Energy Sector

    Four women from the region in the traditionally male-dominated sector share experiences advancing renewable energy, providing unique insight into the future of a rapidly growing industry. Read the story

  • Announcement

    Engendering Utilities Welcomes New Partners

    USAID’s Engendering Utilities program welcomed nine new partner utilities from Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Caribbean committed to unlocking opportunities for women in their organizations. Read the announcement

  • Press Release

    USAID and ADB Partner to Expand Asia’s Sustainable Energy Market

    This agreement will promote energy efficiency, energy sector reform, and good governance of Asia’s energy sector. Read the release

  • Featured Story

    Reaching New Heights

    Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDC) hires its first female line workers, increasing women’s role in Nigeria’s traditionally male­-dominated energy sector. Read the story

  • Medium

    From Lineman to Lineworker: How Women Are Breaking Boundaries in the Energy Sector

    Gender equality improves the lives of girls and women — and the global economy as a whole. Read the story

  • Video

    USAID & NRECA – Lighting The Way

    The National Rural Electric Cooperatives of America (NRECA) and USAID are powering self-reliance by bringing electricity to rural communities across the developing world. Watch the video

  • EEG Energy Insight

    Gender Equity and Women’s Employment in Electric Utilities

    A research program funded by the UK's DFID profiles three of USAID’s Engendering Utilities partners and their success in improving gender equality in the workplace: EDCO (Jordan); EVN (North Macedonia); and EKEDC (Nigeria). Read the profiles (link is external)

  • Share America

    Linking Central to South Asia With More Than Electricity

    Two countries in Central Asia have electricity to spare, while two neighbors need more power. Learn how all four countries are cooperating on CASA-1000 to solve both problems. Read the story

  • Share America

    Asia’s Largest Rail Network Goes Solar With U.S. Help

    USAID supports India’s ambitious clean energy program, including Indian Railways’ solar rooftop project. Read the story

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    Power Sector Reform Pays Off

    Competitive procurement deploys clean energy capacity efficiently, creates market opportunities for investors, and improves the lives of communities suffering from high energy costs and unreliable service. Read the story

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    Empowering Renewable Energy Development in Pacific Island Countries

    USAID profile explores how small island developing states pursue low emission development. Read the story

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    Partnership and Innovation in Sustainable Energy Lifts Lives

    Woman entrepreneur in rural India triples income with reliable source of energy Read the story

  • Medium

    Girl Power!

    Leveling the Playing Field for Women in Energy Read the story

  • Medium

    Translating Policy into Action

    Supporting Women and Girls’ Equitable Participation in the Energy Sector in sub-Saharan Africa. Read the blog (link is external)


  • Medium

    Cyber Attacks Anywhere Are a Threat Everywhere

    How USAID is working to deter cyber attacks on power grids in Eastern Europe. Read the story

  • Medium

    Gender Equality in the Ethiopian Power Sector

    Meazagenet Tsegaye of the Ethiopian Electric Utility (EEU) helps her company advance gender equality in the power sector with the help of Power Africa and the World Bank. Read the story

  • Medium

    American Tech Stores African Power

    With support from Power Africa, Madagascar aims to increase access to electricity to 70 percent by 2030. Read the story

  • Featured Story

    Powering the Poor

    A woman entrepreneur makes clean energy solutions affordable and accessible in rural India. Read the story

  • Press Release

    Bolstering Sub-Saharan Africa’s Off-Grid Energy Sector

    USAID Announces $6.3 Million in Awards Read the release

  • Frontlines

    Here Comes the Sun: New Tech Powering Sub-Saharan Africa

    Solar technology companies are bringing light and electricity to off-the-grid homes and businesses, and revolutionizing daily life for millions. Read the story

  • Featured Story

    International Day of the Girl

    USAID Celebrates International Day of the Girl on October 11. #GirlsShine Read the story

  • Women in Energy Profile

    Agnes Obara

    Agnes is the Chief Planning Officer for Engendering Utilities program partner, Kenya Power. Read the profile (link is external)

  • Featured Story

    Energy Efficiency Law Spurs New Industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Passage of legislation signals job growth, environmental protection Read the story

  • Featured Story

    Bosnian Companies Save Millions by Switching Electricity Suppliers

    Savings from lower bills to be reinvested in expansion, new jobs. Read the story

  • Video

    Financing to Capture the Sun

    A USAID development credit guarantee allowed a bank in Uganda to help SolarNow scale their operations. Watch the video

  • The Jamaica Star

    Residents Ditch ‘Bandooloo’ Light for ‘Ready Boards’

    USAID partners to provide an innovative electrification solution. Read the story

  • Featured Story

    Afghan Utility Conquers Financial Management Woes With Automation

    Software replaces manually processed billing and payroll. Read the story

  • Featured Story

    Solar Energy Advances Education in Afghanistan

    With a reliable power source, computers and tablets help students learn. Read the story

  • Exposure

    A Real Live Wire

    How a Moroccan youth became an electrician to connect to a better life. View the photos

  • Women in Energy Profile

    Aneta Petrovska-Rusomaroski

    This profile from the Women in Energy series features the Head of Human Resources at EVN Macedonia. Read the profile

  • Medium

    Powering Nigeria

    How U.S. businesses are finding new opportunities through the U.S. Electrify Africa Act. Read the story

  • Video

    Catalyzing Energy Investments in India

    USAID is transforming lives by supporting rural elecrification entrepreneurs. Watch the video

  • Medium

    The Windiest Place on Earth

    Faced with energy deficiencies and increasing energy demands to power its growing economy, Kenya is taking a giant leap forward with the Lake Turkana wind park. Read the story

  • FrontLines

    Better Living at the Flip of a Switch

    Power lines in Tajikistan were extended across the border into Afghanistan last year, transmitting reliable electricity and raising the quality of life for thousands of Afghans. Read the story

  • FrontLines

    Making a Better Living, One Solar Sale at a Time

    Solar devices are doing double duty in Haiti, opening flexible job opportunities for locals and increasing affordable power access in neighborhoods that lack reliable electricity. Read the story

  • Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves

    Betty Ikalany Wins Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award

    This role model and mentor is advancing clean cooking solutions in Uganda. Read the story

  • Rural Electric Magazine

    A 50-Year Partnership

    The Work of NRECA and USAID Stands the Test of Time Read the story

  • Forbes

    Solar Energy Entrepreneurs in India Are Finding Faster, Cleaner and Economical Route to Power

    USAID supports a social enterprise whose microgrid is lighting up off-grid villages in Uttar Pradesh, India. Read the story

  • Jamaica Information Service

    Supporting Jamaica’s Energy Programme

    Energy independence, energy efficiency and low-carbon growth Read the story

  • Featured Story

    Indian Women Light Rural Villages with Solar Power

    Social enterprise creates jobs while promoting clean energy. Read the story

  • Featured Story

    Smart Grid Technology Reduces Power Outages in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    When utility improves efficiency, residents spend less time in the dark. Read the story

  • FrontLines

    Your Voice: When a Microgrid Is More Powerful Than the National Grid

    Expanding access to electricity in 60 million homes and businesses in sub-Saharan Africa is taking on a new look. Read the story

  • Impact Blog

    Lighting the Career Path for Girls in the Energy Sector

    Where does a girl dream about working as an engineer and running her country’s power facility? Read the blog

  • Featured Story

    Vietnam Builds Energy Efficiency Expertise

    Engineers and architects learn new ways to save energy. Read the story

  • Frontlines

    Jordan’s Fearless Females Pave the Way

    Women move into positions once considered for men only—building careers and changing their society’s perceptions about gender roles. Read the story

  • Featured Story

    EKEDC Nigeria Holds First ‘Bring Your Daughter to Work Day’

    Supported thorugh USAID’s Engendering Utilities program, this event opened new career prospects in the energy sector for Nigerian girls. Read the story

  • Photo Essay

    Reaching for the Sun

    India taps solar power for a clean, prosperous economy. View the photos

  • Featured Story

    EVN Macedonia Holds First ‘Bring Your Daughter to Work Day’

    This visit to their parents’ workplace, supported by USAID’s Engendering Utilities program, inspires girls to dream of new job possibilities. Read the story

  • Women in Energy Profile

    Reem Hamdan

    Reem is the Director General Deputy for Engendering Utilities program partner, Electricity Distribution Company (EDCO) in Jordan. Read the profile

  • Video

    Connecting the Next Million

    Seed funding from USAID is enabling Off-Grid Electric to scale their affordable solar leasing service across Tanzania. Watch the video

  • Utility Reform Story

    Nigeria Responds to Growth Through Privatization

    Transition targets loss reduction, market expansion. Read the story

  • Photo Essay

    Teresia Turns on the Light

    Electricity and opportunity transform a tribal village in Tanzania. View the photos