Doorways Training Manual

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Doorways is a set of three manuals designed for teachers, students, and volunteer community counselors. Together these individuals can create a cirtical mass that brings about transformative, lasting change in both the classroom and larger community. Working at the community level is central to making schools safer and the Doorways program can be integrated into any comprehensive national or local plan to reduce gender-based violence.

Surveys conducted at the beginning and end of the pilot phase of the Safe Schools Program in Ghana and Malawi revealed statistically significant changes in student and teacher attitudes and knowledge concerning gender-based violence. Here are a few examples:


  • The percentage of students believing they had the right not to be hurt or mistreated increased from an initial 57% to 70% by the end of the program in Ghana.
  • In Malawi the percentage of students who believed teachers did not have the right to shout at, insult or call students names increased from 77% to 93%.


  • Prior to the program, 44% of teachers in Malawi knew how to report a violation of the code of conduct; afterwards 83% knew how to report violations.
  • Initially in Ghana 32% of teachers agreed that sexual harassment of girls occurred in schools, after the program 79% agreed that girls could experience sexual harassment in school.

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