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Preparing Kosovo’s Young Workforce for the Future

Energized and inspired by her three years studying interior design at the Florence Design Institute in Italy, Ariana Canhasi returned to Kosovo—degree in hand—planning to work for her family’s small wood processing company. Not exactly interior design, but close enough, she thought.

Accessing Vital Records Has Never Been Easier

In recent years, a number of Kosovo’s local governments have improved services to their citizens as part of efforts to achieve efficient municipal administrations. However, despite improved civil registration services, the municipalities of Vushtrri/Vučitrn, Pejë/Peć and Štrpce/Shtërpcë, struggled to cope with increased requests for vital records, such as birth and marriage certificates and proof of residence.

Market Linkages Overpass Political Division in Doing Business in Kosovo

Due to political conditions in this small Balkan country, it is challenging for many Kosovo businesses to create new partnerships within their own ethnic community—let alone to build trust with a business from a different region or ethnic community.

Improving Livelihood of Communities Through School Repair

Sport is one of the most powerful tools for breaking down barriers and helping children make new friends, have fun, and learn to work well in a team, while promoting good health through exercise. The best place for children to enjoy outdoor sports is on school grounds that are safe and easily accessible.

Scholar Changing Lives for Kosovars with Ostomy

As head of the Kosovo Ostomy Association, Arta Uka works to help Kosovars who have ostomies—artificial openings in an organ of the body created during a surgical operation. She is currently working on a project to inform citizens about the condition with leaflets and brochures in Albanian and Serbian. She also plans to organize doctor lectures on how to best live with an ostomy.