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Education key to progress
Educating Kosovo's young generation

USAID has been engaged in Kosovo’s education system throughout its 19 years of assistance.  Initial assistance focused on increasing access to education by providing infrastructure improvements (construction and renovation) in schools throughout Kosovo.  This was followed by concentrated reform efforts at the primary (grades 1- 5) and lower secondary (grades 6-9) levels.  In alignment with the Government’s decentralization policies, support focused on building the capacities of the Municipal Education Departments to manage the education system at the local level.  

Critical need areas remain, including preparing students with the skills they need to succeed in Kosovo’s workforce.  Current assistance at the secondary level is strengthening soft skills such as critical thinking and entrepreneurship, in alignment with the Government of Kosovo’s priorities for secondary education, and its new Curriculum Framework and Core Curriculum for Grades 10-12.  This effort also includes the development of assessment tools for curriculum learning outcomes, new teaching materials and resources, and training for teachers.  

At the tertiary level, students in Kosovo have access to affordable higher education, but the country’s universities struggle to prepare students with the expertise, critical thinking skills, and practical experience they need to transition to the workforce.   Assistance includes U.S.-based higher education opportunities to increase the number of educated professionals in sectors that are crucial to Kosovo’s development.  These scholarship graduates are then placed in volunteer opportunities in relevant organizations and sectors in Kosovo to ensure that professional skills acquired are applied.  The overarching goal of this engagement has been to create a cadre of leaders that will engage in different sectors and ultimately add skilled capacities that will further Kosovo’s progress.  Our efforts include partnership with the largest public university in Kosovo to enhance its financial viability and sustainability, improve teaching methodologies, strengthen institutional support for research, and improve career orientation services for graduates and alumni. 

Lastly through our education activities we offer Immersion courses to help students who have not had access to strong undergraduate programs prepare for opportunities in higher education, and Public Service Course to develop leadership capacity in Kosovo’s public sector at both central and municipal levels.