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Despite Kosovo’s impressive economic growth and improvements in the business enabling environment, the structural challenges remain significant.  High unemployment rates, inactive employment, widespread informality, heavy reliance on remittances, and a large trade deficit continue to impede the expansion of democratic and economic opportunities for Kosovo’s citizens. For Kosovo to strengthen its economic competitiveness, it is critical to building a strong workforce and close the persisting skills gap between workforce capabilities and the needs of the private sector to meet market demand. For more click on Economic Growth page.


Since declaring its independence Kosovo has focused on strengthening its democratic institutions, however despite these achievements, important challenges remain, and Kosovo’s young population demands greater transparency, efficiency, and accountability from its government institutions.  USAID is working with the Government of Kosovo to strengthen judicial independence and rule of law; to improve communication between elected officials and their constituents; and to ensure that the Assembly of Kosovo has sufficient oversight of the executive.  These are critical steps to combatting pervasive corruption and erosion of public trust in the government’s ability to provide basic services. For more click on our Rule of Law and Governance page