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For Kosovo’s Debtors, Bank Accounts Are No Longer Safe Havens

Kosovo’s Bank Account Registry, managed by the Central Bank of Kosovo, continuously maintains updated information on the nearly 2.5 million bank accounts in the country’s commercial banking system. A simple feature added to the registry’s software helps prevent fraud and ultimately addresses corruptive practices. 

Made in Kosovo: Kosovo Wood Sector Builds Its Reputation

For the thousands of Kosovars who fled violence during the country’s armed conflict in 1998-99, returning to burned-down homes and a stunted economy presented great challenges and hardships. For entrepreneurs, however, opportunities existed amid the ruin, especially in Kosovo’s burgeoning wood-processing sector.

Youth in Kosovo make the leap of change

When 21-year-old Fjolla Azemi answered the call for applications for an interethnic internship program in Kosovo, she didn’t know what to expect. The Center for Social Development in Gracanica is only a few kilometers from where she grew up, but for Azemi and her friends, it’s a world away.

Land Rights Bring Jobs, Business Growth to Women in Kosovo

Valbona Ajeti is one of the most enthusiastic, strong-willed and determined people you will ever meet. She lives with her family in Sllatina e Epërme—a village in the Kosovo municipality of Viti. Her company GRASEP—an acronym that translates to “women of Sllatina e Epërme”—has 20 women employees and produces preserved vegetables and pickles, but its main product is Ajvar, a famous sauce made from red peppers that goes with virtually everything.

Kosovo Moves to Modern Methods for Business Agreements

When a dispute arises under a verbal agreement, the parties are unclear on their rights and obligations and are subject to misunderstandings, uncertain contractual terms, and difficulty proving any details of the agreement. When businesses use well-written contracts, the terms are unambiguous. If a dispute arises, the parties can refer to the written agreement or present the contract as evidence in judicial or other proceedings.