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Lourdes sharing some tips with her employees.

USAID’s programs under the U.S. Strategy for Central America are driven by evidence of what works. In addition to contributing to the Strategy’s interagency Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Plan, USAID missions use various M&E and learning tools to collect and analyze data on program progress and outcomes. USAID also works with academic institutions and research organizations to better understand the contexts in which we are working and to maximize impact. 

Monitoring and Evaluation for Learning and Accountability

Central America Strategy M&E Plan Progress Report (October 2020)

Central America Strategy M&E Plan Report (October 2017)

Central America Strategy M&E Plan Progress Report (May 2018)

Central America Strategy M&E Plan Progress Report (May 2019) 

USAID Support for Data and Evidence

Addressing The Drivers Of Illegal Immigration: USAID Results In The Northern Triangle

What Works In Reducing Community Violence: A Meta-Review And Field Study For The Northern Triangle

Violence, Development, and Migration Waves: Evidence from Central American Child Migrant Apprehensions

Telling Our Story

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A New Life for Luis

Seeds of Joy

Skate Brothers

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Helping Salvadorans Build a Better Life at Home

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Providing Hope for a Violence-Free Future

Creating Safe Communities