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The security and prosperity of Central America is directly linked to the security and prosperity of the United States. Through the inter-agency U.S. Strategy for Central America, USAID is addressing the security, governance, and economic drivers of irregular migration to the United States from Central America. By reducing crime and violence, addressing corruption and impunity, disrupting the activities of transnational criminal organizations, and providing citizens in Central America with greater economic opportunity, USAID helps to foster an environment where families can envision their futures in their home countries and communities. Our support complements the Northern Triangle governments’ own development plan, the Plan of the Alliance for Prosperity [PDF, 990K].


USAID implements a wide range of programs in Central America that support of the Strategy’s three pillars: security, prosperity, and governance. In the Northern Triangle, these activities are aligned with the Alliance for Prosperity. USAID also implements HIV/AIDS programs in the region through PEPFAR.

Results and Impact

USAID’s programs under the Strategy are driven by evidence of what works. In addition to the Strategy’s results architecture, USAID missions undertake monitoring, evaluation, and learning to analyze the impact of our programs. USAID also works with academic institutions and research organizations to better understand the contexts in which we are working and the results we are achieving.


USAID is identifying new and innovative ways for corporate entities, non-governmental organizations, and individuals to partner with us in order to help countries in Central America on their development journey to self-reliance.