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El Salvador's Journey to Self-Reliance: USAID's Legacy
El Salvador’s Journey to Self-Reliance
#ESacción: USAID support to Salvadorans taking action
USAID support to Salvadorans taking action
#ESacción: USAID support to young entrepreneurs in El Salvador
USAID support to young entrepreneurs in El Salvador

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USAID’s assistance program to El Salvador recognizes that the security and economic growth of the Central American region impact the United States. In alignment with U.S. Government foreign policy objectives, USAID addresses the drivers of illegal immigration by working with the government and people of El Salvador for a country that is more prosperous, self-reliant and safe so Salvadorans believe they can thrive at home. Security activities help create safe spaces within targeted communities, reduce crime and violence, and strengthen the justice system so that criminals are brought to justice. Through education, job training, and partnerships with the private sector, USAID is increasing opportunities for youth to obtain jobs and income in El Salvador. Furthermore, USAID assistance is working to improve the  investment and business climate to stimulate trade, small business growth and employment. To build El Salvador’s self-reliance, USAID helps the Salvadoran government to improve tax collection and resource utilization so that more money is available to increase security, promote economic growth, provide social services, and mitigate other factors leading to irregular migration. USAID assistance helps improve government transparency and accountability and promotes citizen oversight and monitoring of public resources to reduce opportunities for corruption. All these efforts help Salvadorans envision a brighter future in El Salvador. USAID actively builds public-private alliances with civil society, community organizations and the private business sector to sustain program efforts.

Through its Central American Regional Program, USAID supports key foreign assistance objectives that have a regional or global impact including: violence prevention; human rights protection; building effective and transparent government institutions; strengthening economies; increasing trade; creating jobs; regional environmental activities; food security programs; and HIV/AIDS prevention projects.

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Mission Contact

David Gosney, Mission Director
United States Embassy
Final Boulevard Santa Elena
Antiguo Cuscatlán
La Libertad, El Salvador, C.A.
El Salvador
011 (503) 2501-2999
011 (503) 2501-3401

USAID Contact

Deidra Winston
, DC