Youth and Community Development Program

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USAID’s Youth and Community Development Program: El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras,” with Glasswing International, provides youth with tools to make better choices in their lives, and discover their full potential, promoting positive alternatives to crime and violence or illegal immigration.

The program increases educational opportunities for youth and fosters broad-based engagement to create safer and more resilient communities in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, bolstering community pride, opportunities, and greater citizen security.

Through the project, USAID and Glasswing create safe spaces for learning and recreation that fosters youth leadership and self-esteem. The project engages the students, community, the private sector, local government and individual volunteers in social action to create safe schools and neighborhoods. 

The program focuses on developing life skills, establishing support networks among youth, creating safe and stimulating learning environments, and providing access to extra-curricular educational and recreational activities. 
Volunteer-led extracurricular clubs broaden and deepen the educational and recreational experience of students, complementing the four hours of schooling the public school system and mitigating risks youth face in the community.  The club activities include tutoring, reading, art, sports, music and dance, English and science and discovery, among other.
Life skills, such as problem solving, decision-making, critical thinking, coping with stress and emotions, communication skills and interpersonal relationship skills help youth identify and avoid dangerous situations to reduce the risk of involvement in criminal activity or illegal immigration. Furthermore, the program engages parents and the community to participate in activities and to become involved in their children’s education.

With private sector investments, the program upgrades school infrastructure to create a more positive and conducive environment for academics and recreation.




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Wednesday, August 7, 2019 - 3:15pm