CAM - Addressing The Drivers Of Irregular Migration:USAID Results In The Northern Triangle

Speeches Shim

Fleeing the world’s highest homicide rates and debilitating poverty, nearly 70,000 children from Central America made the dangerous journey alone to the U.S. border in Fiscal Year 2014. USAID is addressing the security, governance, and economic drivers of irregular migration to the United States. By combating rampant crime and violence, addressing corruption and impunity, disrupting the activities of transnational criminal organizations, and providing greater economic opportunity, USAID helps to foster an environment where families can envision their futures. And we are already seeing results.

Through the U.S. Strategy for Engagement in Central America, a whole-of-government effort that provides an overarching framework for U.S. Government engagement with Central America, USAID programming is generating concrete results with lasting impact. The Northern Triangle governments have already outlined a regional plan, the “Alliance for Prosperity,” which aligns closely with the U.S. Strategy. In 2016, the Northern Triangle governments pledged $1.2 billion in support of the Alliance for Prosperity.

Monday, May 21, 2018 - 11:00am