Jalin (USAID)

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What is Developmental Evaluation?

Developmental evaluation (DE) is an approach that supports continuous adaptation in complex environments, and differs from typical evaluations in a few ways: (1) DEs have a Developmental Evaluator embedded alongside the implementation team; (2) DEs emphasize iterative, real-time data collection and regular reflection to support adaptation; (3) DEs are methodologically agnostic and adjust analytical techniques and evaluation questions as the project changes. For more information on DEs, consider reading Developmental Evaluation from Better Evaluation.

Jalin, which means "intertwined" in Bahasa, comprises three components:

  1. Facilitating co-creation processes to create local solutions
  2. Supporting Indonesia's Ministry of Health in support of national Maternal and Newborn Health (MNH) strategies
  3. Financing the incubation of local solutions

The project maintains a central office in Jakarta where the majority of program management and leadership staff are located, and six regional offices throughout the country.

DAI faced several challenges from the outset that delayed programming. Jalin experienced significant staff turnover in its senior leadership as well as mid-level program staff, having had six separate Chiefs of Party or acting Chiefs of Party since the project's start. Furthermore, ongoing coordination issues between various regional offices, external stakeholders, and the Jakarta headquarters constituted a management challenge that stymied the project's work. Additional external factors such as Jalin’s non-traditional programming, a cocreation strategy requiring a longer timeline, and leadership turnover within the Indonesia Ministry of Health (MOH) resulted in implementation delays.

Monday, November 30, 2020 - 11:15am