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We know that great ideas come from everywhere and that the most intractable development challenges require capabilities that no one sector alone possesses. As a result, USAID builds partnerships with a range of organizations to create innovative, cost-effective, and results-oriented development solutions to end extreme poverty around the world and advance U.S. security and prosperity.  

The Lab leads and coordinates USAID’s efforts to engage the private sector to accelerate and scale sustainable impact. We are developing and testing new models for collaboration to form dynamic, mutually beneficial alliances with a broad range of partners - companies, NGOs, foundations, universities, diaspora groups, international organizations, and local and national governments - where business interests align with USAID’s development objectives.

The Lab builds partnerships in several cross-cutting areas to advance Agency priorities and supports USAID Missions and Bureaus around the world to more effectively integrate private sector engagement and partnerships into their work. 

  • Global Development Alliance. The Global Development Alliance (GDA) is USAID’s flagship model for engaging the private sector. Under the GDA, USAID builds partnerships built on principles of shared value, co-investing resources, and sharing responsibilities and risks to advance development goals and align to companies’ business interests.  
  • Strengthening Entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are critical drivers of growth and development. The Lab’s entrepreneurship efforts are unlocking the potential of entrepreneurs to advance the Agency’s mission of ending extreme poverty. The Partnering to Accelerate Entrepreneurship (PACE) initiative, for example, is catalyzing private-sector investment into early-stage enterprises and identifying innovative models and approaches to support promising enterprises around the world.
  • Frontier Partnerships. The Lab tests and incubates innovative approaches for building partnerships in development. We do this by working with non-traditional partners and engagement models and in under-addressed technical areas. For example, we are currently engaging and partnering with diaspora entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, and philanthropic and volunteer groups to leverage the critical role diasporans play in addressing development challenges.
  • Partnership Insights.The Lab is thinking critically about partnerships and their effectiveness, and we are integrating our data-driven findings into a range of private sector engagement tools and resources to support USAID and our partners from the development community and private sector to engage strategically for greater development impact.
  • Partnership Opportunities and Resources. Learn more about what we do and find out how you can work with us to improve millions of lives around the world.  

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