Center For Digital Development Developmental Evaluation

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Developmental Evaluation of the Implementation of USAID’s Global Digital Strategy through the Center for Digital Development (ongoing)

DE Overview

In May 2020, DEPA-MERL began a DE pilot of USAID’s 2020-2024 Digital Strategy implementation by its lead partner the Center for Digital Development (CDD - an entity within the U.S. Global Development Lab). DEPA-MERL has embedded a Developmental Evaluator within up to four of the Digital Strategy’s 15 initiative teams. The pilot is scheduled to last for a minimum of 13 months, with additional performance and initiative teams to be added to the purview as deemed necessary. For more information, please contact the DEPA-MERL Contract Officer Representative Sophia van der Bijl (   

What is Developmental Evaluation? 

Development Evaluation (DE) is an approach to evaluation that supports the continuous adaptation of development interventions. DE provides evaluative thinking and timely feedback to inform ongoing adaptation as needs, findings, and insights emerge in complex dynamic situations. The DE helps facilitate the process from findings to action in a collaborative process with the DE stakeholders. Learn more about the Developmental Evaluation Pilot Activity (DEPA) and developmental evaluations: