Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI)

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Bureau For Conflict Prevention & Stabilization

The Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI) supports U.S. foreign policy objectives by helping local partners advance peace and democracy. OTI provides fast, flexible, short-term assistance targeted at key political transition and stabilization needs.  Strategically designed for each unique situation, OTI has laid the foundation for long-term development by promoting reconciliation, jumpstarting local economies, supporting emerging independent media, and fostering peace and democracy through innovative programming. In countries transitioning from authoritarianism to democracy, from violence to peace, or following a fragile peace, OTI’s programs serve as catalysts for positive political change. 

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The challenges confronting the world are nuanced and fast evolving. USAID’s Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI) works with local partners to target key political issues such as conflict, democratic backsliding, violent extremism, and stabilization, delivering high-impact programming in fast-paced contexts. OTI is located within USAID’s Bureau for Conflict Prevention and Stabilization (CPS). 

CPS/OTI Engagement Criteria

  • Is the opportunity or threat important to U.S. foreign policy interests?

  • Is there a window of opportunity — a decisive shift in the political landscape that creates an opening to support viable local political will?

  • Can CPS/OTI’s model bring a comparative advantage to support positive political momentum during the crucial period?

  • Does the operating environment allow for CPS/OTI’s systems and processes to be optimized?

Quick Stats

  • 3-4 years Average CPS/OTI program duration 
  • Office Created: 1994 
  • 1,750 Average number of activities in a year worldwide 
  • 3 Average number of CPS/OTI programs that open & close per year 



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