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How can I become an implementing partner with USAID?

USAID conducts competition for contracts, grants, and cooperative agreements to find the most qualified implementing partners for El Salvador’s development assistance programs at the best value to the U.S. Government. An implementing partner can be a U.S. or local non-governmental organization (NGO), a commercial organization, an individual, or a public international organization.

This section of the USAID's El Salvador website and the business section of USAID's Washington website is your one-stop place for finding important information to get you started doing business with USAID's mission in El Salvador. Contracts are awarded primarily for technical assistance but also for commodities and/or equipment, transportation services and, occasionally, construction. Grants and cooperative agreements are awarded for a variety of programs--some recurring and some for unique non-recurring programs. All contracts, grants, and cooperative agreements issued ultimately support objectives of that part of the U.S. foreign assistance program managed by USAID's mission in El Salvador and implemented for the people of El Salvador.

USAID utilizes various acquisition and assistance instruments to implement its activities. Contracts, grants, cooperative agreements and purchase orders are some of the instruments which are negotiated and signed by the El Salvador mission. (Definitions of these terms can be found in the glossary of Results-Oriented Assistance: A USAID Sourcebook.) These instruments provide a variety of commodities and technical assistance to support the attainment of the Agency’s objectives.

To solicit help for its programs, USAID requests proposals. USAID publishes information about these public solicitations on www.fedbizopps.gov and www.grants.gov. You can also check on this website and the www.usaid.gov site to see upcoming activities on the business forecast. A Request for Application (RFA) or Request for Proposal (RFP) is used when USAID has a specific type of program in mind to meet our development assistance goals. These requests can be issued at any time for any activity or program.

Proposing an Unsolicited Project to USAID

I have a great idea--can I submit a proposal to USAID? We generally work by developing direct programs with host countries and through competitive procedures for selection of contracts, cooperative agreements and grants. [Find out more...]

Procurement Opportunities

The USAID Business Forecast [PDF 186KB] (listed alphabetically by country) forecasts upcoming business opportunities. [Find out more...]

Public-Private Partnerships

Are you a business that would like to partner with USAID to jointly design, fund and implement an alliance aimed at improving social and economic conditions in El Salvador? You may be interested in the Global Development Alliance (GDA) program. [Find out more...]

USAID Branding Policies

Found in the most remote corners of the globe, the USAID handclasp is one of the best known U.S. emblems throughout the world. It has become a symbol of the long history of the United States aiding those in need. [Find out more...]