Unlocking Private Capital

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The rapid growth of private capital in emerging economies has created an unprecedented opportunity for USAID to use its resources to enable private capital providers, or investors, to become a primary driver of inclusive growth, reform, and poverty alleviation. USAID Administrator Mark Green leads with a vision: At USAID, we’re reaching beyond contracting and grant making to collaborating, co-financing, co-designing programs, tools, initiatives. We’re embracing the notion that the private sector, not donors and government, will be the ultimate drivers and sustainers of development, and we know that we need to re-envision our role accordingly.

USAID developed Unlocking Capital for Development: An Introduction for Engaging with Finance Providers to Address Development Challenges to provide an introduction on how USAID staff and development practitioners can meet development objectives through engaging investors that can deploy essential capital.

Unlocking Capital for Development:

  • Explains the role of private investment in addressing the viability, sustainability, and scalability of businesses and projects, which in turn helps address the development challenge.
  • Provides a high-level overview of investor constraints when considering opportunities in a development context.
  • Features examples of how USAID is applying non-traditional approaches to unlocking investment and provides a few case studies from the Medical Credit Fund, Financing Ghanaian Agriculture Project, and National Association of Securities Professionals partnership.


Cover of Unlocking Private Capital

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