Our Work

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Agriculture and Food Security

Critical to the region’s economic development and the health of its people is greater food security. Through Feed the Future, USAID works to improve food security by increasing sustainable agricultural productivity, regional trade of key agricultural commodities, and capacity of regional agricultural actors.

Democracy, Human Rights and Governance

Many countries in West Africa face challenges related to governance, rule of law, democratic processes, and weak civil society. In response, our assistance supports both regional and country-specific efforts to strengthen civil society, media groups, and elected representatives to promote transparency, accountability, and public participation.

Economic Growth and Trade

We focus on trade competitiveness in global markets as a way to increase the effectiveness of African institutions in promoting a vibrant private sector. Our West Africa Trade Hub in Ghana builds regional capacity for negotiation and implementation of trade agreements and promotes the commercial opportunities made possible by the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act.


Our programs promote the sound use and management of the region’s natural resources to reduce poverty and promote stability by enhancing regional environmental policy and planning, increasing the quality of and accessibility to critical baseline information and best practices, and improving the transparency, governance, and productivity of natural resources in strategically important areas.

Global Health

Because disease knows no borders, we assists West African countries in developing networks of nongovernmental and public sector organizations to coordinate national and regional responses to persistent problems such as malaria and HIV/AIDS.

Working in Crises and Conflict

Conflict and instability are enormous impediments to development in West Africa. Our programs work to enhance regional capacity of civil society and regional organizations to address conflict, ameliorate some of its causes and consequences, and further strategic cross-border priorities, such as combating extremism, corruption, and trafficking.