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Un champ école nutrition
Micro Dose, Vue par Mamoudou Ouédraogo
Micro Dose, Vue par Mamoudou Ouédraogo
USAID-Mali Director Rebecca Black
USAID-Mali Director Rebecca Black

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Across more than 50 years of partnership, USAID has contributed to major development gains that improve the lives of the Malian people. USAID has founded farmer cooperatives and improved irrigation methods to help the country meet its increasing food demands. We've established a community school system and interactive radio instruction to increase access to education, and expanded health services resulting in dramatic reductions in child mortality. We also address humanitarian needs of Malians both in Mali and in refugee camps in neighboring countries. 

USAID helps Malians secure a democratic, resilient and prosperous future by:

  • Reinforcing the stabilization of conflict-affected areas
  • Improving the adaptive capacity of vulnerable communities and households
  • Advancing socio-economic well-being


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ACI 2000
Rue 243, Porte 297
+223 20 70 23 00
+223 20 23 68 32

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Chason Smith
, DC