New Partnerships Initiative

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New Partnerships Initiative

At USAID, we work hard to build a world that is safer, healthier, and more prosperous for people everywhere. We want to accelerate the progress of our partner countries on their journey to self-reliance—and build a different model for how we do development.

Through the New Partnerships Initiative, we are tapping the ingenuity and knowledge of organizations that are deeply connected to the people and the communities we serve. In doing so, we ensure that our partner countries become agents of their own growth and prosperity for generations to come. This is the essence of the Journey to Self-Reliance.

With new and different approaches, NPI simplifies access to USAID resources and makes it easier for partners to bring forward their ideas and innovation—while strengthening local capacity so that our partner countries gain new knowledge and skills to lead and sustain their own development.


Through NPI, seeks to work with

  • New partners
  • Underutilized partners
  • Local entities
  • Locally established partners

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Three key principles guide the changes in the way we partner:

  • Promote local leadership.
    We will work through local actors and systems and engage our traditional partners in strengthening local capacity.
  • Seek bold, creative, and innovative approaches to fostering self-reliance.
    We will capitalize on the full marketplace of ideas and solutions by collaborating with partners from all sectors of society.
  • Identify new sources of funding to sustain partnerships and scale impact.
    We will pursue partnerships with organizations that can leverage other funding to scale their programs and achieve even greater development outcomes.

In support of NPI, we have established the Partnerships Incubator to amplify the momentum of the initiative, expand Agency capacity for partnerships, and help partner organizations work with us.

The Partnerships Incubator is working with USAID headquarters and missions to identify and engage new and local partners, provide training and capacity-building assistance, and develop tools and resources for potential and existing partners.

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