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The Small Business Applied Research (SBAR) Program was launched as a field-based initiative to expand USAID’s access to emerging technology, products, services, and scientific applications developed by U.S. small businesses. SBAR is a part of the Agency’s overall New Partnerships Initiative, which aims to bring in new organizations to work with USAID.

SBAR utilizes a Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) to identify solutions that are readily adaptable to meet some of the world’s most daunting development challenges.

The SBAR Program is set aside for U.S. small businesses.

Problem Statements

Problem Statements are used to describe development challenges faced by specific Missions or Operating Units. A Problem Statement will include background and context; a priority rationale, including previous interventions and expected results or impacts, or a description of an end state that a solution must deliver; a budget range; implementation period; and additional evaluation criteria, if any.


The Broad Agency Announcement for the SBAR Program follows a three step process:

  1. Submission and Review of Preliminary Concept Papers: Relevant USAID Missions will evaluate Preliminary Concept Papers, using a team of scientific and technical peers, based on criteria outlined in the solicitation.
  2. Negotiations and Final Concept Papers: Mission staff will notify selected organizations and request that they elaborate on their solutions through an iterative process, resulting in Final Concept Papers.
  3. Award Determination: Based on Final Concept Papers, Missions will recommend to their respective Contracting Officer (CO) solutions to be considered for award. The CO will make all final award determinations.

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Learn More

Visit to find the full solicitation (BAA-MOSO-SBAR-2019) and the latest information on the SBAR Pilot

A list of frequently asked questions is available.

Solicitation Instructions

Be sure to follow the BAA instructions. For convenience, the following are links to some of the content required to be submitted through Google Forms:

  1. Introduction Webinar Registration (required to participate)
  2. Pre-Proposal Conference Registration (required to attend)
  3. Solicitation Questions - technical and process questions
  4. Preliminary Concept Paper Page 1 - Organization Data (required)
  5. Organization’s Past Performance Data (required)


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