USAID’s Partnership for Better Business Regulation Project Hosts Panel Discussion on Regulatory Issues in the Construction Sector

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Regulatory Issues in the Construction Sector
Panel Discussion on Regulatory Issues in the Construction Sector
USAID’s Partnership for Better Business Regulation Project

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017
Biljana Velichkovska Georgievska

USAID’s Partnership for Better Business Regulation Project hosted a panel discussion on regulations affecting the field of spatial planning, construction land, and construction works, emphasizing challenges faced by construction companies in the country. It was the sixth forum organized by the project, aimed at initiating discussions between the business community and public institutions on shared legal compliance issues.

Edward Gonzalez, Director of the General Development Office, USAID Macedonia, commented on the panel discussion, “The construction industry is a leading sector in the economy, contributing significantly to employment and overall GDP. However, construction companies face daunting challenges that slow the process of acquiring the necessary certificates and work permits, leading to significant delays in their day-to-day activities and, ultimately, higher costs. It is essential for all relevant stakeholders to be involved in the development of effective solutions that address regulatory issues. Today’s discussion is a step in that direction.”

The event brought together subject matter experts, who presented on several of the most pressing concerns in the construction industry. There was a special emphasis on the provisions in the Law on Spatial and Urban Planning, and on harmonization of Detailed Urban Plans with the General Urban Plan, a topic that has raised significant attention on a national level in the past several years.

Representatives from the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Agency for Real Estate Cadaster of the Republic of Macedonia, city of Skopje, other Skopje municipalities, and relevant institutions attended the event.

The project will work on constructive solutions proposed via the public-private dialogue mechanisms supported through the Better Business Regulation Project. All project activities are implemented by EPI CENTAR International and its four key sub-partners--the Economic Chamber of Macedonia; the ICT Chamber of Commerce – MASIT; and the Economic Chamber of North-West Macedonia; and the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce. Through active participation in the implementation of this project, the chambers will build their capacity to better serve small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).


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