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Photograph of a researcher looking through a microscope. Photo credit: Riccardo Gangale for USAID/Courtesy of Photoshare
Photo credit: Riccardo Gangale for USAID/Courtesy of Photoshare

USAID has played a critical role in promoting U.S. interests abroad by investing in research and development that has led to essential breakthroughs in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of global diseases.

USAID is committed to addressing some of the world’s most challenging health and development issues through research, introduction and scale-up of proven solutions. The Bureau for Global Health's investments in research and development have led to critical breakthroughs in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of deadly global diseases.

As a leader in the application of science and technology to achieve development objectives, USAID recognizes that a foundation in research is vital in creating game-changing innovations. Whether it's through product development or field implementation trials, we seek to broaden scientific progress and drive innovation that will empower host countries and improve lives. Through partnerships with our field missions, stakeholder countries and the private sector, the Bureau for Global Health's research and development agenda includes implementing high-impact solutions to prevent child and maternal deaths, control the HIV/AIDS epidemic and combat infectious diseases.

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Learn how USAID's Health Research Program supports research and development, introduction, adoption and scale-up of products, technologies and systems to improve maternal, newborn, and child health and nutrition in low and middle income countries.


Numbers at a Glance

150 Innovations cultivated

Through Grand Challenges for Development, USAID and its partners have cultivated a pipeline of more than 150 innovations and supported their testing, development, and scale-up on their path to deliver health impact.


Reports to Congress


Webinar 1: USAID’s Support to Global Health R&DPresentation [PDF, 4MB] and Adobe Connect

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Webinar 4: USAID Global Health Grand Health ChallengesPresentation [PDF, 7MB] and Adobe Connect.

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Health Research and Implementation Process

Graphic showing the Health Research & Development life-cycle, including: Define, Design, Deliver, and Develop.