Center for Innovation and Impact (CII)

  • CII is engaging luminaries in the field to identify state of the art practices in innovation, introduction and scale-up.

  • USAID's CII strives to create new and better ways of doing business and generate impact by harnessing the power of previously untapped innovative minds worldwide.

  • CII designs and implements accelerated introduction plans for priority products and interventions; supports rapid deployment and adoption in target regions; and evaluates and develops innovative financing mechanisms.

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USAID's Center for Innovation and Impact (CII) applies business-minded approaches to the development, introduction and scale-up of health interventions to accelerate impact against the world's most important health challenges.

The Center – which resides in the Global Health Bureau – invests seed capital in the most promising ideas and applies a rigorous, market-oriented approach to cut the time it takes to transform discoveries in the lab to impact on the ground.

What we do:

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Catalyze Innovation
The Center uses a variety of novel approaches – from Grand Challenges to hackathons to prizes – to source groundbreaking solutions for tough and seemingly intractable health challenges.

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Scale for Impact
The Center supports introduction and scale-up planning for priority health interventions; uses innovative financing mechanisms; applies market shaping tools to address inefficiencies and barriers; and leverages the expertise and active engagement of the private sector – all to accelerate and rapidly expand health impact.

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Strengthen and Apply Cross-cutting Enablers
To help improve the efficiency of the marketplace, the Center examines successes and failures across a range of markets and sectors to identify state-of-the-art practices in innovation, introduction, and uptake.


Innovation Realized

At USAID, innovation has been a core part of our work for decades. Whether through sourcing new ideas or improving existing solutions, engaging new and different partners, or enhancing financing and work structures, USAID is committed to the appropriate use of innovation to overcome health challenges.

USAID’s Center for Innovation and Impact’s (CII’s) Innovation Realized: Expanding the Path to Health Impact is a guide intended to amplify global health impact. This guide builds on successes and lays out practical ways that USAID staff can identify opportunities to apply innovation to solve real problems in the context of how we work, as well as to further innovation across the Agency. Though this guide is primarily intended for USAID staff, it can serve as an adaptable resource for other organizations.



Introduction and Scale (IDEA to IMPACT Series)


Market Shaping and Innovative Financing


Innovating for Impact Series


Human-centered Design


Digital Health


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