Implementation and Reporting

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USAID offers a variety of resources to assist with the implementation and reporting on food assistance programs. 

View the complete list of Implementation Tools for Food for Peace partners. 

Pipeline and Resource Estimate Proposal Guidance

The Pipeline and Resource Estimate Proposal (PREP) Guidance describes an awardee's food security resource needs and activities over the course of the upcoming year.

Annual Results Report

The Annual Results Report (ARR) is an annual reporting requirement for current and recently closed Office of Food for Peace (FFP) awards implemented by private voluntary organizations (PVOs) during the fiscal year (FY). Awardees that receive funding from the Food for Peace Act Title II, International Disaster Assistance (IDA) account, Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) account and/or Community Development Funds (CDF) are required to submit ARRs. These include both development and emergency food assistance activities. Please refer to the ARR guidance for Development Awards and ARR guidance for Emergency and IFRP Awards and the associated templates below.

Templates for Annual Results Reports (ARRs):

Close Out Guidance

The Food Aid Program Close-out Guide provides a reference for the close-out process of all USAID Office of Food for Peace (FFP) awards. 

Food for Peace Partner Portal

As of October 2019, USAID's Office of Food for Peace (FFP) has launched the FFP Partner Portal. This system replaces the partner components of  the FFP Management Information System (FFPMIS). The FFP Partner Portal currently allows for partners to submit, revise and check status of concept notes and applications. Additional functionality, including partner reporting, will be added in the future. It provides a collaborative environment for both FFP and its partners to manage activities and programs. For Partner Portal resources, including requesting an account, please visit the FSN Networks's Food for Peace Partner Portal Resources Page.

Food for Peace Indicators

USAID’s Office of Food for Peace indicator list and handbook contain indicators for baseline, final evaluation, and annual monitoring. The indicator list and handbook better document and allow comparison of FFP project outcomes, generate standardized data to monitor project progress, and provide more detailed information on project accomplishments to stakeholders.