FinTech Partnerships Playbook: How donors can pursue private sector engagement to strengthen digital finance ecosystems

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This playbook is meant to equip USAID staff and implementing partners to develop and pursue effective private sector engagement (PSE) in the context of digital finance/FinTech and financial inclusion. The playbook is intended to be a tool for brainstorming during program design and PSE as USAID Missions develop programming related to inclusive digital economies.      

The playbook has:  

  • Illustrative market-level objectives and intervention strategies (e.g., improve the enabling environment, jumpstart market entry);
  • Illustrative examples of PSE in this context; and
  • Concise, standalone information on market stakeholders in digital finance ecosystems as well as key questions to ask to identify common market gaps.  This content is also available as a separate 8-page resource.

The playbook is a complement to a previous tool released by the Digital Finance team: the FinTech Partnerships Checklist: Identifying and Strengthening the Right Digital Finance Partner. The checklist has a two-page set of questions that can help you understand what areas of support a prospective partner (such as a technology vendor or financial services provider) may need to be a positive force in the marketplace.

Friday, April 12, 2019 - 5:15pm