Building Resilient and Inclusive Digital Ecosystems: A Toolkit for Using Digital Payments in Development Programs

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The Toolkit is designed to be used by organizations regardless of their experience with digital payments and to inspire and enable organizations new to digital payments to make the switch. The Toolkit is a “how-to” guide divided into step-by-step modules along with associated tools to support organizations in practically applying the knowledge learned.

As with all of USAID's work, we know context matters, and local digital ecosystems and digital financial services (DFS) may not be universally available. Partners can use the Toolkit to harness opportunities to accelerate their program activities and empower individuals to become active users of DFS to manage and improve their lives. The Toolkit is structured to help partners think across the program cycle on how to evaluate local opportunities for DFS, identify weaknesses in the digital ecosystem, and design programs to optimize and advance the use of DFS market systems while adhering to the Principles for Digital Development.

Tuesday, December 15, 2020 - 4:15pm